Minster for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media of North Rhine-Westphalia


Vandana ShivaDr Vandana Shiva is a philosopher and environmental activist. In 1987 she founded the research initiative Navdanya, a grassroots movement to save seeds and biodiversity and to promote organic farming. She is one of the leaders and board members of the International Forum on Globalization. Vandana Shiva studied physics and was awarded a PhD in Foundations of quantum theory at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. At the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, India, she did research in science, technology and environmental policy. In 1982 she started a public interest research body, the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology. The foundation's studies have validated the ecological value of traditional farming and have been instrumental in fighting destructive development projects in India. Vandana Shiva wrote several books and participated in different documentary movies. She was awarded with many prizes and "Asia Week" has called her one of the five most powerful communicators of Asia. She serves on the boards of many organisations, including the World Future Council and Slow Food International. Furthermore, Vandana Shiva is a major representative of the ecofeminist movement.

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