Minster for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media of North Rhine-Westphalia


Christina GradlChristina Gradl is a founder and director of endeva, an independent research and consulting institute working towards enterprise solutions for development. As an expert on inclusive business, she is also a strategic advisor to the UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets Initiative and a Research Fellow at the CSR Initiative of the Harvard Kennedy School. Christina Gradl co-authored numerous publications on inclusive business. With UNDP, she developed ”Creating Value for All – Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor” and ”The MDGs – Everyone’s Business”. She also co-authored endeva’s ”Inclusive Business Guide” and Bertelsmann Stiftung’s ”Partners in Development – How Donors Can Better Engage the Private Sector for Development in LDCs”. Currently, Christina Gradl completes a PhD in economics. She holds an MSc in Philosophy of Public Policy from London School of Economics and a Master’s degree in International Business and Regional Studies from the University of Passau, Germany. She was the Kofi-Annan-Fellow on Global Governance 2006/07 and an associate with McKinsey & Company.

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