Minster for Federal Affairs, Europe and the Media of North Rhine-Westphalia


Christiane GrefeChristiane Grefe
has been an editor and reporter at the Berlin office of "DIE ZEIT" since 1999, focusing on Ecology, Development Policy and Globalisation. She studied Political Science, Communications Science and American Studies in Munich. After graduating, she worked as a freelance author for entities such as the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" and "epd-Kirche und Rundfunk". In 1987 she became editor at "DIE ZEIT" (Dossier and "ZEIT Magazin"). Between 1991 and 1998 she worked for the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin", "GEO-Wissen" and die "Wochenpost". She has published numerous books, most recently a joint publication with Harald Schumann in 2008, "Der Globale Countdown - Gerechtigkeit oder Selbstzerstoerung" [The global Countdown. Justice or Self-Destruction – The Future of Globalisation], which won the "Political Book" prize offered by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in 2009.

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