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DWLogoDeutsche Welle (DW) www.dw-world.de

The Deutsche Welle has been Germany's international broadcaster for more than 50 years. It produces television, radio and Internet programmes in German and many other languages and trains the journalists of the future in the DW academy. DW`s media offers are aimed at people throughout the world with an interest in Germany and Europe, and at so-called multipliers in particular.


logo_EU_engThe European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is the most important instrument for the European Union's regional aid. The financial resources, that are available within this framework, are part of the so-called "goal 2-programme". The basis for the North Rhine-Westphalia - EU "Ziel 2-Programm" ("goal 2-programme") is the "Operational Programme Regional Competitiveness and Employment 2007 – 2013 (ERDF)", which was approved by the EU. The implementation of the programmes' strategy and goals is based on the three funding priorities: strengthening the entrepreneurial basis, innovation and knowledge-based economy, sustainable urban and regional development.


AV-der_deutschen_Wirtschaft-Logo-Pantone-4625-braun_jpg German-African Business Association www.afrikaverein.de
The German-African Business Association has actively promoted German-African economic relations for more than 75 years. In the Hanseatic tradition, today it is the nationwide foreign trade association of German companies and institutions with economic interests in the countries on the African continent. The association provides information about countries and markets in Africa, establishes contacts and represents the interests of its members in Germany and abroad. A wide range of services is available to the more than 650 members which they can take advantage of at any time.
"With a close network of contacts in Africa we feel the pulse of the markets. In this way our members hear about new developments and business opportunities quickly and systematically." The German-African Business Association offers an extensive range of information, events and services.