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Please find here the documentation of the 3rd Bonn Conference on International Development Policy.

Speeches held at the 3rd Bonn Conference

Conference film 2012

Photos of the 3rd Bonn Conference:
First conference day, 30th January 2012

Welcoming of the guests

Plenum 1st conference day

Keynote: Brice Lalonde

Keynote: Food security - also a question of consumption habits and global lifestyles

Keynote and introduction to forum 1

Forum 1: Relevance of consumption habits and lifestyles for development policy

Debate and introduction to forum 2

Forum 2: Political responsibility: Strategies for sustainable development policy

Input: Angelica Schwall-Düren

Angelica Schwall-Düren visits the exhibiton

Off-site Workshops

Reception at Deutsche Welle, Bonn

Second conference day, 31st January 2012

Welcome Address 2nd Conference day

Discussion and Introduction to forum 3

Introduction to forum 4

Forum 3: The next billion consumers: a challenge for sustainable responsible business

Forum 4: Education in the area of development policy for sustainable lifestyles

Result of the conference and prospects

Exhibition hall

Conference impressions